Monday, June 13, 2005

Periodical Interest in the Drawg

Well, it happened again. I skip a few days here and there and they snowball into a period of weeks of disinterest. The experiment I intended this to be I hereby declare a failure. I've not done a drawing a day for a good while now, and as a good friend pointed out the other day, it is because I still have only one thing on my mind. It is all too consuming, and I'm perpetually giving into it. There can be no promises of daily/weekly updates, since I clearly cannot fight the World enough to break its incanatation on me. I want to say that I hope I'll become disinterested in it - I know that would be good for me - but I simply cannot. As it stands now, the World is still far too entertaining, and I've only started to get to the point I wanted to be at. Scary that I have clear goals for it, and yet my goals for real life are vague and without focus.

I'm weak.

The blog is a strange habit - often started, sparsely updated, and certainly never concluded. There is no purpose to any of this; it is a means without an end. We speak but are we ever heard? How many times can the same self-introspection and senseless psycho-babble be recycled to try and manifest feelings/thoughts into meaningful updates? I still think starting it was a good idea. My combination of blogging and drawing was good for me, and people liked it. It didn't fall apart until I started holding the daily works with too much importance. It should never have become the kind of painful ordeal that it did, where I only posted the best of my shit; it should be a learning experience, where if my drawing for the day consisted of set of stick figure posings then, well, so be it. As long as I can look at something I've put on paper and criticize its flaws, the entry is a success and I have learned something. If I draw a line on the page, and post it criticing the fact that it is only a line, then I have learned that only drawing one line does not cut it. Simple as that.

By the way, I am officially coining the term Drawg/Drog and Drawging/Drogging for this experiment, combining the words draw with blog to describe what I am doing. If anybody can claim that this is not a unique facet of the internet and that I am NOT the first person to drog, then please let me know about it ;). Draw + web + log = drawg. Simple as that; and it is mine. Just so you all know.

I have some drawings to show for the last few weeks of vacancy at the very least, and whether I deem them finished or not, I will upload and share them. Comments and criticisms from anybody browsing here will go a long way to helping me get better. Thus far I have had a meager two comments written on the entire site, so please, assist me by posting some comments and criticisms. It can only do me a helpful service; there are many times that I am self-introspectively blind to some of the flawed facets of the drawings; a fresh outside opinion comes from a different perspective, and can be unbelievably different. Different in a good way =P.

And why do I (and we bloggers, mostly) try to use so many big words?

"You are an important part of the computer" - Matthew Good, Near Fantastica, Avalanche 2003


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