Friday, June 24, 2005

Drawing 06/24/05

I just realized the last drawing I posted was the one I drew TWO weeks ago, and my most recent one is still sitting in my online folder. Yay for procrastination!

It seems that most of my spare drawing time is taken up by the numerous players I know in WoW who want their characters immortalized. This is someone I've known since I was in the wee levels, a priest by the name of Yuuzhan. I usually draw these characters with their full armor sets on but Yuu insisted she'd rather have one done in her spider dress, and I have to agree - it's pretty hawt. The troll females have a rather unique physiology: large hips, big pointy nose, bizzarre hair, three-fingers, fangs - yet despite these somewhat frightening traits, they remain sultry creatures, especially while dancing, which most players get a kick out of. My main character is a troll female as well, so I know first hand what it means to shake my booty, and in a completely whorish way like those slutty night elves. So very slutty...

She looks a bit crosseyed in the picture, which I'm not happy about. Her hands and feet are also awkward, which isn't to say they don't look like what they should, it just makes me think how having fewer fingers does not make a hand easier to draw. In fact it was more difficult to fill the space of the palm with only the three; it helps that the fingers are quite chunky, but the rules of human physiology are tough to break. The player was very happy with it, however, so all's well that ends well.

"Procrastination is like masturbation, at the end of the day you're really only screwing yourself" - Words of wisdom, Anonymous.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Drawing 06/21/05

It's been a while... again. To be truthful, I am spending the majority of my free time in WoW, doing really well with my character. The game is still tons of fun, and there's a lot more I want out of it. The people I've met online are great, mostly through the guild team interactions. Lately we've been going through Molten Core a lot, which is pretty much the hardest place in the game right now; it requires a 30-to-40 man team working together to beat some of the simpler enemies, and once you get to big bossman, hooboy, it's actually a very tough ordeal. But that's what makes it fun. We do about one eigth of the entire thing in 2 hours, and haven't gone further yet. It's a good thing the Core is saved for a week when you're killing bosses. Trying the whole damn dungeon in one night would be an insane commitment.

Not that I'm trying to downplay my current insanity, but it would be MORE insane.

*changes topic abruptly*
Here's the drawing. =)

Awww, isn't he cute? This is a little gnome mage I drew by request. Though he goes by the name of 'Dan', I like to call him Sparky McAnklebiter; it's catchier. Gnomes are cute and all, but every time you see them in Warcraft you feel the irresistible urge to run at it for a punt. Just so... puntable. It's a more detailed drawing, and I've actually been commissioned to send it to the player, since he liked it so much. I'm always nervous and skeptical when people tell me that they want my drawing, and I'm never convinced it's good enough. I should though, this one looks pretty great. You're all aware of my love of details, and this one's got it up the wazoo. Hmm, okay - no more speak of gnome wazoos, I promise.

The drawing could do with some more shading, but with the delicate patterns on it, I'm not sure how difficult that would be, and I'd rather not chance it. The hair is also somewhat lacking. Shape is there, which is fine, but looking closely at some of the bang clumps, it is quite scratchy and unfinished. Ah well, c'est la vie.

"I used to shout up from outside, wake you up while you were sleeping" - It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man, Matthew Good, White Light Rock and Roll Review

P.S. good lord, the source of the quotation was longer than the quotation itself...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Periodical Interest in the Drawg

Well, it happened again. I skip a few days here and there and they snowball into a period of weeks of disinterest. The experiment I intended this to be I hereby declare a failure. I've not done a drawing a day for a good while now, and as a good friend pointed out the other day, it is because I still have only one thing on my mind. It is all too consuming, and I'm perpetually giving into it. There can be no promises of daily/weekly updates, since I clearly cannot fight the World enough to break its incanatation on me. I want to say that I hope I'll become disinterested in it - I know that would be good for me - but I simply cannot. As it stands now, the World is still far too entertaining, and I've only started to get to the point I wanted to be at. Scary that I have clear goals for it, and yet my goals for real life are vague and without focus.

I'm weak.

The blog is a strange habit - often started, sparsely updated, and certainly never concluded. There is no purpose to any of this; it is a means without an end. We speak but are we ever heard? How many times can the same self-introspection and senseless psycho-babble be recycled to try and manifest feelings/thoughts into meaningful updates? I still think starting it was a good idea. My combination of blogging and drawing was good for me, and people liked it. It didn't fall apart until I started holding the daily works with too much importance. It should never have become the kind of painful ordeal that it did, where I only posted the best of my shit; it should be a learning experience, where if my drawing for the day consisted of set of stick figure posings then, well, so be it. As long as I can look at something I've put on paper and criticize its flaws, the entry is a success and I have learned something. If I draw a line on the page, and post it criticing the fact that it is only a line, then I have learned that only drawing one line does not cut it. Simple as that.

By the way, I am officially coining the term Drawg/Drog and Drawging/Drogging for this experiment, combining the words draw with blog to describe what I am doing. If anybody can claim that this is not a unique facet of the internet and that I am NOT the first person to drog, then please let me know about it ;). Draw + web + log = drawg. Simple as that; and it is mine. Just so you all know.

I have some drawings to show for the last few weeks of vacancy at the very least, and whether I deem them finished or not, I will upload and share them. Comments and criticisms from anybody browsing here will go a long way to helping me get better. Thus far I have had a meager two comments written on the entire site, so please, assist me by posting some comments and criticisms. It can only do me a helpful service; there are many times that I am self-introspectively blind to some of the flawed facets of the drawings; a fresh outside opinion comes from a different perspective, and can be unbelievably different. Different in a good way =P.

And why do I (and we bloggers, mostly) try to use so many big words?

"You are an important part of the computer" - Matthew Good, Near Fantastica, Avalanche 2003