Friday, May 20, 2005


You'd think that the most important week for the video game industry would be reason enough for me to blog, especially regarding how excited I've been about the whole event. You'd think that I could get off of my lazy ass and write something about the topic that I follow fairly closely. You'd think a lot of things if you didn't know me, so what does it matter. I should write something, but then again, there are thousands of articles out there on the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3), particularly of the war that the 3 main console companies are waging. If you really want to know, do a Google news search for E3 and do about a minute of reading. You'll catch up on all the hubbub fairly quickly. The concise summary essentially says that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are at each others' throats again, vying for another bout at domination of the console market. The new Xbox360 (Xbox2), Playstation 3, and Revolution are setting up their artillery and flying in the troops to do battle over the next 18 months, when they are all expected to be released.

From what's been documented so far, it seems that Sony and Microsoft are the real competitors in the race for console gaming market superiority. Both are beefing up their machines to draw more power, fuel more fire and hopefully knock the other out of the contest. It is akin to the frightening arms race that plagued the era of the cold war, except we as the bystanders in the race are excited, and will actually benefit from their competition, not suffer. The gist of it is that Microsoft has put 3 PowerPC processors into one box, effectively drawing enough power and creating enough heat to sustain a fusion reaction (or so my theory goes), and thinks it's going to muscle out the Playstation, which decided to redefine computer architecture with its unique Cell processor, which is something like 4 times more powerful than the most powerful of current personal computers. So Microsoft has put 3 computers into one moderately sized box, and Sony has created a kind of micro-supercomputer. Impressive. Where does Nintendo fit into all of this? Well they claim they're not taking the path of relying on pure power to fuel their firepower in the war. They claim to be playing strategically, though with what they have not revealed yet.

Personally I'm an enormous fan of Nintendo. I've stood by them during some of their more questionable decisions, but not disappointingly, since they always manage to produce the most top-notch and entertaining games in my opinion. Their contribution to the next generation of gaming is the Nintendo Revolution. It's a system that is only - only being used relatively - going to be an order of two to three times as powerful as their current Gamecube. This seems to pale in comparison to the promises of both Microsoft and Sony, but Nintendo is promising us that this system will truly be revolutional in changing the way we look at video games. Its juicy little secret will be the undoing of Sony and Microsoft... apparently. Talk is cheap, and Nintendo isn't even doing much of that which angers those of us who follow because we're being bombarded with hype about the other two systems. We want Nintendo to be more competetive; their showing at E3 was uninspiring, to say the least, compared to the others. Both Sony and Microsoft created buzzes surrounding their consoles by releasing videos and images of absolutely stunning graphics within a few of their new games. If they are not lying (which they easily could be, hell, they have before) then the systems of tomorrow will look like the pre-rendered cinematics of today. We will be playing games with graphics akin to Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

This prospect is salivating for those of us gaming nuts. Nintendo has a lot of pressure on them to produce this revolutionary console, else risk losing the faith of their already dwindling fan base.

I know they can do it.

Thus, I have drawn a picture of one of their flagship characters to cheer them on!

It's Link, from the upcoming game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I'm always thrilled to know there's another installment of Zelda coming along, so insert some random fanboi drivel about 1337ness and uberness in here. It does look outstanding, like all of the past games, and it's a title I cherish from my days as a lad, so I figured I'd sketch up our green-clad hero.

It's a pretty quick little drawing, with some detail missing; I wasn't up to polishing one today. It's not bad though. The face has a sort of worried/angry look on it, which is a pretty common reaction for Link in the games. His costume has become more detailed in the design for the next game, and I threw most of it on there. In the past he's been pretty much wearing a pretty plain cloth tunic, leggings, boots and gloves - and the always attractive hat - but in this game he's looking a bit more grown up. The clothing isn't so plain, it has visible stitching and patterns to it. The boots look like they're made from embossed leather and he's got a layer of chain mail underneath his tunic, so he's ready for his next adventure, clearly. If I knew how to draw a sword convincingly from the side he'd be holding it the right way (showing the narrow edge of the blade, not the broad), but I don't so he's not. I think I got the perspective on his hand right this time, but his bent leg is not very convincing. Damn you perspective! Overall it could use some work, but I like it, and that's all that matters to me.

"Damn you ice cream! Come to my mouth! How dare you disobey me? What are you looking at, you infantile... stupid. That's right, damn you... and such........... zzzzzzzzz" - Fat Stewie, Family Guy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think his hair looks like that in the new game. I looked at some screenshots and its like swooped, he has bangs. I know you musta seen some because of the details oin his outfit, but the hair you did different just to let hyou know

9:18 a.m.  
Blogger Nick Prospero said...

Post comment by me:

The legs are feminine. They're long and curvaceous. Not that Link being elfin shouldn't have some degree of femininity, but they're off.

I also think the sword hilt sucks, now that I look at it. Inanimate objects are tougher than people, for me.

Thanks to the last poster, you're right. I think I was remembering his hair from the past games, like Ocarina of Time. It's changed now. I like it better the way it was though. Ah well.

9:23 a.m.  

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