Sunday, May 15, 2005

Drawing 05/14/05

Yes, this isn't posted on the right day. I did this yesterday and just... never got around to it I guess. Lazy weekends tend to make me forgetful.

IT's a drawing of another WoW character, this one drawn by request for a friend in-game. He's an orcish warlock named Niamh, and that's his naughty little Succubus minion. Yes, she has a whip. Yes, she uses it in the game. Don't think I'm any more naughty than the good developers at Blizzard entertainment, I'm just a reproductionist. ;). Overall it's quite good. The detail in it was put in kind of quickly, it woudl benefit from a few more hours work. Actually what I should have done was forgo the shading and focus on details, but alas, I chose one over the other. Shading takes so damned long with a 0.3mm pencil, as I've mentioned before. The robe is, inadvertantly, very much similar to the last drawing... I took this directly from a screenshot in-game, so its design wasn't decided by me.

"I come from land of Orcs, we eat with spoons and forks, we love to eat our pork." - Orcish folk song, anonymous


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wheres his other hand?! hahaha

ye... awsum, but mabey make him holding the girl around her back or sumthin... just to show it

9:14 a.m.  

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