Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Drawing 05/04/2005

I don't know why this took me so long... It's not even finished. *sigh* and now it's late and I have to sleep and I didn't do half of the things I wanted to today. 9 hour work days are a bitch. At least fridays will be nice, 8am-12noon =D. Glad I swung that deal.

Anyway, as promised here is the drawing.

I really like where it's going, though I don't like the fact that it didn't get there. And since it's up here and I'm satisfied I doubt it ever will. The main reason I like the drawing is for the face. He has a very nasty smirk on, and his face is androgynously dark. I would like to use this kind of a character in the game project or even outside of it as a model for a villain of some kind, because of the personality I feel exudes from it. The facial tattoos are a bit extravogant and distracting, but it's quite coherent with the rest of the design and I'm glad they're there. In a finished picture they would not be as contrasting a colour as black on white, but hey, what do you want with a pencil drawing?

The armor is also quite interesting. I didn't know what style I was following the whole time, but it seemed to work out. The "mushroom caps", as they have been described, around his shoulders are meant to be energy fields, generated by the armor, but I didn't spend any time on them. I was focusin on the decals of the armor, which I actually gave a bit of thought to. The theme is a 'swiss cheese' effect now that I look back on it, with solid stripes and holes, but I'm not letting the lactic simile get the better of me, I still think it looks good.

I do regret that his arm and legs are incomplete, but the idea of the character is all put forth; going any further into the design would be an exercise in futility, or anal retentive nitpicking... or so I'm going to tell myself =P.

I'm thinking with the long hours I won't even pretend to try for a once a day picture post. It saddens me to think I've failed my resolution, but it was a pipe dream that drained long ago. I promise one WoW drawing a week, one other decent one, and maybe one or two sketches. Here's to promises, whatever they're worth. Here's to irrelevant quotations as well.

"As we stoned the bird
We stood there for a long time hoping it would rise,
Waiting for it to fly again.
One by one we all turned away,
Off to kill the grass where the others came to play
Bye bye bluebird, bye bye my bluebird."
- Matthew Good Band, Blue Bird


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