Monday, May 02, 2005

Blog from work

Why not, eh? First day at work today for the wonderful, marvelous IKO industries.


Yeah, that's what I thought. Aside from working at the airport for the GTAA, the general reaction of people to hearing the name of my employers has been a resounding and emphatic "huh?". I don't know how I keep picking these obscure, and yet worldwide companies. My guess is that this is simply the job of most engineers, doing something that would only seem important to those in the industry. What about the glory? What about the fame? This is important work we're doing, is it just that nobody understands?


At some point I'll rant a little about the reasons why I'm not too thrilled about the current path I'm taking in school, and what it could mean for a future career. Not today though.

It is a nice change of pace to be in a work environment as opposed to school. There is almost a complete lack of pressure, particularly at this job which already seems very laid back. I'm working with another co-op student for the first time since the airport job, and it's nice to have somebody to talk to. Maybe it will keep me from browsing the forums too much... oh wait, IKO industries already blocks me from them! Way to go internet security! I'm convinced that trying to stop people from wasting time only forces them to waste MORE time to think up more creative ways to get around the same time-wasting preventative measures. I can definitely see blogging once a day (or more) to pass time here, since Blogger isn't blocked; hooray!

I'll save a description of the job for another day as well, since
a) I should spread out my procrastination time
b) I still am not quite sure what I'm doing
c) It's only the first day and it's a bit busy getting accustomed to my job
d) I should maybe do some actual work ;)

Drawing tonight like I said.

"Work is for suckers."
"I'm proud of you, boy, I was twice your age before I figured that out!"
- Bart and Homer Simpson, The Simpsons


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