Tuesday, May 10, 2005

All things of Stellar Conflicts

With the countdown to the release of the Third (or Sixth depending if you're into sequence or chronology) and final installation of the Star Wars legacy, I'm a little pumped... to say the least. I might not be if I wasn't at work these days and didn't have time to simply peruse the internet for things to read. I might not be, had I not found this. It intrigues me a great deal to read of this kind of fan-fiction, where holes in characters are filled in by emotional and off-persona script. To those who don't understand it at first glance, it's essentially a mock blog, written to sound like it's a diary by Darth Vader himself; entries include Vader's pondering of his fate in the galaxy, the complex relationship between he and his 'master', his tragic fall to the dark side, musings of the intricacies of the force, and so on. What surprises me even more is that the writer manages to squeeze in some (albeit dark) humour every now and then, and still stays in character. It's most definitely not something George Lucas would have put together to celebrate Star Wars in a different way, but it is for that reason that it is so refreshingly unique. No melodrama, no emphatic score, no CGI sequences, just raw emotion through introspection.

Read it. I can almost guarantee you a good time if you've even seen a Star Wars movie and know what 'trachea' means. His descriptions of strangling people with his mind is... well, just read it, I hope you see it as I do. This blog is the kind of thing I would never think of when I think of blogging... taking somebody else's point of view, playing a different role. It's not something I think I'm up to trying, but it certainly is inspiring.

There's also been chit-chat on the Gamedev forums about Star Wars mythology as well, which I think is where I found the link. Suffice to say, episode III has all of us uber-nerds aflutter, anxious in anticipation about the ending of an era. What malevolent plot twists are left for the sith to unfurl? What will be the ultimate fate that the noble jedi must face? How utterly mad does Anakin end up going? We know how it ends (since we know how it begins, ponder that), but how does it get there? I can't wait to find out. May 19th, counting the days.

Due to this, I believe tonight's drawing (I am intending to do one) shall be something related... most likely a Jedi. Not Vader, though, he requires too much shading... damn dark outfit. Probably just some creature with a lightsaber, that's all, as it is difficult to capture the exact essence of a Jedi on paper... or something =P

"Ready are you? What know you of ready?" - Yoda, Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back"

P.S. There will be a number of Yoda quotations to come. So quotable is he.


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