Thursday, April 28, 2005

The G Spot... er... Test

"I'm sorry to say the ministry cannot award you your full G license at this time for the following reasons:" Oh wait, I'm not supposed to LEAD with a quotation... Let me finish it with a paraphrased continuation: "You must wait ten days and then pay us 75 dollars again to take this test one more time because I'm an uptight prick who's dissatisfied with his miserable job." Yeah, well I failed because I don't know how to parallel park and I have bad habits like speeding with one hand on the wheel and not checking my mirrors enough (I swear I was trying to be as good as I can). *Sigh* so that ruined my week. The one week off and it's filled with crap about me having to deal with this stupid car issue. We're transferring ownership from my uncle to my father so we don't have to make payments through him to insurance, and I needed to get it re-certified and finalize my license to 'G', as opposed to G2. I swear to god, I don't know how all those terrible drivers get their licenses, I'm a safe and good driver, I just don't happen to drive exactly the same way as they want me to at the ministry. Bastards.

On a happier note I did a drawing today. Pretty happy with it I must say.

It's a rogue from the wonderful World of Warcraft. Beats the rogue I tried before, this has much more finesse in its attention to detail and shading. The other one was kind inaccurate since I claimed it was an undead, but didn't have the bone-joints like the characters in-game do. This one's tough to tell the race of. Doesn't really matter I suppose. I like the pose of the upper body more than I do of the legs. They appear out of proportion to each other because I tried to give them a bit of perspective, and the positioning of the feet isn't very stable. Oh well, don't look down there ^_^.

It's been my week off, and I'm still getting used to not having my scanner/printer immediately available to me (gave it to the family, who desperately need a working printer) so you'll forgive me for the lack of drawings. Time off is so unstructured; once I get back to the daily grind It should be better. Probably not.

"Rogues do it from behind" - T shirt slogan, Penny-Arcade


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