Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cheers to the end of exams

A heavy weight was lifted from my chest at 12:00 noon today when I completed my final examination. Thermodynamics was its name, quite the scary topic if your handle on it isn't firm. I think I did alright, but I haven't been a very good judge of my own performance lately, to be honest. The theme of the exam was apparently "ask at least one part of every question about the topic you didn't study". Yay. Just twist the knife in my side a little more while you're in there. Never mind, I'm just happy that they're over. For all the rest of you out there still writing I'm with you, channeling all my mental energy outwards, since I won't be needing it myself for a while.

As promised here's the picture:

Not the best looking gent' out there. Kinda rat-faced, scruffy and mean looking, actually. The drawing lacks some finer detail, particularly on the boots, which are just a blank canvas right now. I tried to go for a nasty, menacing pose, so he's aiming out into the screen, but the perspective is, as usual, not what I'd expect from it. Perspective and foreshortening are kinda tough when you don't plan things out beforehand and follow the strict rules. I tend to just wing it. It still looks fine, just... not dramatic.

Glad to be back. ^_^

"Shoot me with your raygun full of holes of indignation" - Matthew Good Band, Raygun


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