Thursday, April 28, 2005

The G Spot... er... Test

"I'm sorry to say the ministry cannot award you your full G license at this time for the following reasons:" Oh wait, I'm not supposed to LEAD with a quotation... Let me finish it with a paraphrased continuation: "You must wait ten days and then pay us 75 dollars again to take this test one more time because I'm an uptight prick who's dissatisfied with his miserable job." Yeah, well I failed because I don't know how to parallel park and I have bad habits like speeding with one hand on the wheel and not checking my mirrors enough (I swear I was trying to be as good as I can). *Sigh* so that ruined my week. The one week off and it's filled with crap about me having to deal with this stupid car issue. We're transferring ownership from my uncle to my father so we don't have to make payments through him to insurance, and I needed to get it re-certified and finalize my license to 'G', as opposed to G2. I swear to god, I don't know how all those terrible drivers get their licenses, I'm a safe and good driver, I just don't happen to drive exactly the same way as they want me to at the ministry. Bastards.

On a happier note I did a drawing today. Pretty happy with it I must say.

It's a rogue from the wonderful World of Warcraft. Beats the rogue I tried before, this has much more finesse in its attention to detail and shading. The other one was kind inaccurate since I claimed it was an undead, but didn't have the bone-joints like the characters in-game do. This one's tough to tell the race of. Doesn't really matter I suppose. I like the pose of the upper body more than I do of the legs. They appear out of proportion to each other because I tried to give them a bit of perspective, and the positioning of the feet isn't very stable. Oh well, don't look down there ^_^.

It's been my week off, and I'm still getting used to not having my scanner/printer immediately available to me (gave it to the family, who desperately need a working printer) so you'll forgive me for the lack of drawings. Time off is so unstructured; once I get back to the daily grind It should be better. Probably not.

"Rogues do it from behind" - T shirt slogan, Penny-Arcade

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cheers to the end of exams

A heavy weight was lifted from my chest at 12:00 noon today when I completed my final examination. Thermodynamics was its name, quite the scary topic if your handle on it isn't firm. I think I did alright, but I haven't been a very good judge of my own performance lately, to be honest. The theme of the exam was apparently "ask at least one part of every question about the topic you didn't study". Yay. Just twist the knife in my side a little more while you're in there. Never mind, I'm just happy that they're over. For all the rest of you out there still writing I'm with you, channeling all my mental energy outwards, since I won't be needing it myself for a while.

As promised here's the picture:

Not the best looking gent' out there. Kinda rat-faced, scruffy and mean looking, actually. The drawing lacks some finer detail, particularly on the boots, which are just a blank canvas right now. I tried to go for a nasty, menacing pose, so he's aiming out into the screen, but the perspective is, as usual, not what I'd expect from it. Perspective and foreshortening are kinda tough when you don't plan things out beforehand and follow the strict rules. I tend to just wing it. It still looks fine, just... not dramatic.

Glad to be back. ^_^

"Shoot me with your raygun full of holes of indignation" - Matthew Good Band, Raygun

Monday, April 18, 2005

It's go time

My mysterious absense from the blogging world has left what I am sure to be an enormous gap in the continuum of quality bullshit ramblings that is the internet community. Whatever did people do without the (sometimes semi-)daily musings of a boy and his pencil? I shall never know the answer to this, but I am here to put things right with the universe and begin tying together loose ends of the blog galaxies in order to get them all spinning back in unison. I shall use my awsome power of prose to coerse the very fabric of being to reassemble into the tightly knit weave that it was when my presence was omni.

So enough of my ego trip, let's get down to reality. I stopped updating the blog simply because I had stopped doing the 'drawing a day' thing around midterm time, or more specifically, the end of January. I felt it was in my best interest to not be spending two hours a day (often more) drawing and scanning and uploading and such, but rather to be reading the material I had neglected. It was actually my intention to keep writing about this and that, simply because it was a way to express myself and vent if need be. Without the focus of spending the time to draw something though I found very little tangible connection with this blog. Where once the idea that started on paper drove itself to the screen, I could not do the same with words, which began and ended within this electronic media. Thus the blog hit a stagnation point; for those of you not taking fluid dynamics it's a point where there is zero flow. Ironically, there is also a very high pressure there. In my case, this point pressured me to make a decision about what I was to do with the blog after midterms. Beforehand I had every intention of coming back to it, but once it was down my perception of it changed entirely. The decision was largely based on how much I wanted to be playing Warcraft instead. It's horrible, really, that I could assume I was being "better" with myself because "at least I wasn't blogging". This is so constructive, and over the course of a month I could already see an improvement in my drawings. How could I have let it die?

Well, the attitude that was adopted turned out to be quite the dangerous one. I kept giving myself excuses to play more World of Warcraft, and I lost an enormous amount of the focus that should have been on this little thing called an Engineering Degree. Surprise, surprise, it turns out to be tougher than I gave it credit for. /sigh

The good news is that I made it through 5 of my 6 final examinations, with the last one tomorrow. I haven't started studying for it yet, but before you up and yell 'NICK!!' that's only because I finished writing my last one a mere 1 hour and 22 minutes ago. I had to prioritize this weekend, and the course I finished today required a good deal of reading, not to mention practice in problem solving. The exam went well, for what it's worth, although half of it was multiple choice, which always screws you over one way or another. Nevertheless... I decided to put this little blurb up today to crack my knuckles in preparation for tomorrow, when this term will be over, and I will have a drawing for you again! Hip hip, ________... you were supposed to cheer. That's okay, it's tough to let something like this back into your life. It'll be a slow process, nothing too big too fast, I swear ;)

So no promises on the quality of tomorrow's pic, but there will be one.

Oh yeah, I need a quotation... I almost forgot the feelings and flows that drive this thing.

"School's out for the summer" - Alice Cooper