Thursday, January 13, 2005

World of Withdrawl

I don't know whether it's the amazing scenery, the vast world, the endless questing, the player community or just the desire to improve my character, but something in World of Warcraft has me hooked. It's such a fantasticly put together game and I can't seem to get enough of it. I frequently lose sleep to play it, I spend hours upon hours in it at a time. I was kind of realizing this before, but it really hit home for me today when Blizzard decided they were going to bring the server I play on down for a 16 hour maintenance period and I felt a chill. I was completely shocked, and I began to feel withdrawl symptoms as the day went on; first it was fatigue, I had nothing to focus on so I got very sleepy. To try and cure that I started studying to pass the time, at least putting myself to a productive task. Then I decided I'd write up the blog extra early, get it out of the way. I put together a drawing I wanted to post. But I couldn't focus... I just kept waiting and checking the World of Warcraft server status page. Now I had no concentration. Suddenly the room got very hot, and I felt bugsd crawlin all over my skin. I decided to shower, which took my mind off of the matter somewhat, but I couldn't stay in there forever. I got out and the server was still down. The room began to get dark, and I felt like I was a hundred miles under the surface, the pressure was intense. I curled myself up into a ball and huddled in a corner, rocking myself back and forth, back and forth... gnawing at my fingernails I started muttering orc greetings... Da'boo, Zug Tug, Glop'tar... I had to find my way back into the world. When I could barely understand what I was looking at on the server status screen anymore suddenly something changed. The little light beside 'Lightbringer' changed. Red became green, which in a primitive sense means go. I didn't understand what this meant but I knew I had to 'go'. Go where? Where else, to Azeroth. Back into the World of Warcraft. It worked!!! Suddenly the light came back, my eyes came into focus and I woke up. Logging in I felt instantly better; the sudden high that comes with seeing the almost painted beauty of the world in front of me rushed over me and I shed a brief but genuine tear. It must never leave me again...

Okay so I really only complained a little about the server downtime, I did not experience any actual feelings of withdrawl. No need to panic, I haven't lost touch with the real world entirely =P. To be honest though, WoW is a truly fantastic game. That reaction to server downtime above may have been, but my description the game in the little preamble above is no exaggeration. The world is rich with colourful characters and unique locations. The world is vast and thrilling and dangerous, it welcomes you in with a sense of purpose. I have never been let down by a Blizzard game in the past, why should I be this time?

The downtime did let me put a decent amount of work into the drawing today. I was really nitpicky about teh geometry of it, so there isn't as much detail as usual. But sometimes simplicity speaks volumes too. I'm happy with how it came out, usually my mecha drawings don't hold up to my expectations, but this one did. Am happy

"It was like Heroin. Not that I know what it's like, it's what I understand it's like on 20/20." - Linda Richman (Mike Myers), Coffee Talk (SNL)


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