Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Stay Warm

If a blog dies on the internet and nobody is there to notice, does it make a difference? Well to the author it certainly does. This endeavour was going rather strong up until last week when I was suddenly bombarded with RADIOACTIVE GAMMA RAYS... er, I mean school work. I hadn't taken the school term very seriously for the first few weeks, so when I had my first actual taste of lab work it got me motivated enough to start catching up with assignments and reading and being an overall decent student. It also meant I was too motivated to keep up with this, which is such a shame, since I really enjoy it.

Now I know what you're thinking, "but there was the whole weekend! surely there must have been time then!" Ah yes, the weekend, well I was home from the 'Loo for the weekend. Home is where the TV is... Home is where I sleep for 12 hours a night... home is a 2 hour trip (walk to bus, take bus, drive back from bus station) back to the place where no computer works correctly and I am the only cure. It was also a friend's birthday, one which I could not miss, lest there be a herd of ravenous squirrels waiting for me at my doorstop (she is queen of the squirrels, don't think I'm joking here...) The computer at home also happens to be shared access, and It's a delicate process trying to wrestle control of it away from three other people.

THUS: no update. What's worse, I didn't just not have time to blog, I didn't have time to draw either. Part of the problem was that I couldn't get this one image out of my head. It wound up being drawn for today's long coming update, so that's one good thing at least.

Lately things have just been getting colder and colder. I forgot how bitter winter in Waterloo is, since this is only the second one I've spent here. And while it's only about an hour from Toronto the weather change is so dramatic you would swear you were 300 km north. But the weather is not the only thing that's getting colder, it seems that people's attitudes towards everyday life follows some similar system. People become lethargic and depressed more and more each day; it's a tough thing to fight when there's an equally bleak environment surrounding you. I wonder what's really the problem. Is it the lack of greenery? The bone-chilling blizzards? Or am I seeing things that aren't really there. Perhaps this is just the way it is once a school term gets under way. It doesn't seem fair to assume that all students behavie in this manner at all times of the year, I know people who are really enthusiastic about school that get depressed during the winter. It's far more likely that this white frosting that coats our world somehow buries our good intentions and our hopes. Without the untimely event of death there cannot be the magnificent rebirth we all love so much; that kind of puts things in perspective.

So this is the picture. It's scrunched here but don't worry I've linked it to the full sized picture. This is one of thsoe few instances that I'll throw an environment in the mix, and it's probably fairly obvious that throwing was all that was done since the whole of the picture (aside from the person) is a bit half assed. It's not that it didn't turn out well, but if you look closely at the buildings in the backdrop it's obvious that not much time was really spent on them. None-the-less the effect is what I had hoped for, albeit a bit less dramatic. The explosions in the sky should be bigger, but that's a minor issue.

The shading of the night sky was a bit of a ridiculous endeavour, as I did it with a 0.3mm pencil head. I use this size head for drawing since it's a very precise tool, but it sure doesn't lend itself well to covering large areas. I don't recommend trying it unless you like tedious work.

So I hope to get back to the one drawing a day idea I had set out to do; as you might be able to tell, this picture took more than one day's work to finish, so I don't expect to be putting many more like this up. There will be SOMETHING, though. I will try my best to bundle up, bunker down, and find time to draw.

"Winter lies too long in country towns; hangs on until it is stale and shabby, old and sullen" - Willa Sibert Cather, My Antonia


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