Sunday, January 16, 2005

On Detail, and Drawing 1/16/05

Man, am I ever out of relevant things to blog about. In love with WoW, blah blah blah. School is hard, blah blah blah. State of the world is miserable, blah blah blah. At least there's the drawings.

To account for yesterday's lack of update, I added more detail to the mecha picture from a few days ago. It looks much better with some patterns and details added to it, I would say. The small details is really what gives a picture the finished touch; if you look at the troll or warrior picture versus my other ones, the thing that makes them more impressive is the level of detail. I think the more you have to look at in a drawing the higher quality it is, or seems to be. To see the updated drawing, click here.

With that, the picture today is pretty detailed too. This one's a human mage, the name coming from something I'd written a while ago. My writing attempts are few and far in between, but I like the characters I come up with. I use this one as a character in WoW, though she's not human but a troll. I like the name, though I'm not sure how it would be pronounced by most... I say "Ell-you-min-eye-ah". You may say "Ell-oo-min-eh-ah." Potato potahto... Here she is.

Again I have to say that I love the details I put into it, especially on the skirt. The style of the hair is a bit of a departure from my usual style. Since I was actively trying to make this a more detailed drawing I went ahead and used a strand approach. Normally it's anime style blocky hair, using a very minimalist approach to lines. Part of the reason I drew it differently this time to convey the windswept motion of the drawing, what with everything blustering off to the right. Anime hair just wouldn't do that. But then again anime hair can do anything!

"Let it never be said that your anal retentive attention to detail never yeilded positive results!" - Bartleby and Loki, Dogma


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new blogging site. you can change the colors at the bottom of the home page.

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cool drawing, i thought the flames were mountains at first.

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