Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Well, not quite. While it is true that my work report has gone the way of the dinosaur (at least until I get it back with a big crimson "resubmit" stamp on the front), I now have the task of actually getting down to actual school work. Assignments and lab reports and projects and job hunting. Yippee! Man I've been in school a long time. 17 years spent in school... That's 81% of my life I've been a student, and the other 19% I can't even remember. I'm getting a little sick of it now. Of course when this 5 year undergraduate program is over I'll probably go and get some more education because, frankly, I don't have any idea what to do otherwise. "Hook 'em while they're young." Maybe they should try introducting us to that foreign concept known as "the real world" when we're young instead. Make it so that the cynicism doesn't hit all at once.


As you should be aware, I am an avid fan of Matthew Good, for both his amazing music and his dangerously blunt political motives. For those of you who can stomach it, I recommend this blog entry for some interesting reading. I know that I hate to hear it, but it's just so satisfying to say "I told you so," or "I was right." More like "we told you so," if I may speak on behalf of just about everybody I know. Oh the lies that were told... well just take a look at the site and you'll see what I mean. How very Orwellian: step 1: Lie, step 2: tell people you didn't lie (i.e. repeat step 1); it's really amazing how well it seems to work.

I won't go into a further rant about it because speaking completely from passion is irrational, unproductive and generally quite controversial. I only want to raise awareness of the subject this time, for the few of you I might convince to read MBlog. Plus I could type all day, and I have other things to do; specifically, as I mentioned, job hunting. Oh yes, it is time once again to shine your shoes, put on your best smile and start spooning the bullshit. The first job posting session for co-op placements begins today, and, surprise surprise, I haven't updated my resume! Time to describe in 3 bullet points the important things I did at my last job. Things that will make employers look at it and go "oh my god... hire this man immediately, we can't let his genius go unsquandered." Where do I begin? No, really where do I begin? I can't think of anything! "Accomplishments: Permanently scarred left arm operating Thermotron unit." That's impressive...

Well anyway, back to the bright side of things, I did a drawing *pats self on back*. Of course I've missed more of these personal goals than I've made this year *kicks self in ass*, so I'm still not that pleased. This one is for yesterday, when I would have posted had my scanner not been comatose. Turns out it wasn't the scanner (phew) but the crappy usb pci card it was plugged into. There goes 8 bucks. So since this is making up for yesterday when the drawing was done and I had the TIME to update, I'll do another drawing later tonight too.

Another idea for non-player characters in the game project. It does have a significance, but it's of no real consiquence to the blog. Besides I have to pass it by the group first. I think it's pretty cool regardless of what it's for though.

Read Mblog.

"War is Peace, Slavery is Fredom, Attack is Defense." - George Orwell, 1984


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