Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Drawn Again Elf

Yesterday's picture revamped is much better, I would say. I didn't add a whole lot of detail to Seleine herself, but I cleaned her lines up and added some shading, which works much better with the very heavily shaded tiger in the background. Bast was what I spent most of my time on. I pretty much went over every solid line there was, erasing it and redrawing it as a shaggy fuzz. The shading is more prominent and there are no longer any scribbly half-drawn areas, as before. Check out the difference below. The latter picture was kept at a higher resolution than the former, since it deserves it.

I've also noticed that using html tags to resize images by height="50%" width="50%" does not alter the dimensions of the picture to half its size, but rather alters it to fit to 50% of the TABLE size, which has been set up very nicely. This works out great, since now I can reduce all pictures to fit exactly into the table (unless they're smaller than the table itself, naturally). That was my happy little discovery of the day.

"I'm terribly sorry sir, but we've sent your luggage to St. Louis..."
"Uh-huh, I should send YOU to St. Louis!"
"No, no, Roy, he's not vorth it."
"Sir please Identify your tiger type on this chart."
- Sigfried, Roy and Airline attendant, The Simpsons


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