Thursday, January 13, 2005

Drawing 1/12/05

Technically this is being posted on the 13th, but the drawing was done on the 12th. I was having a few problems with internet connection, so uploading was a bit of a problem until now. You already got my blog for the day, and since there's two pictures I'd say thare should be no cause for complaint over that.

Here it is:

This is the main character from the game project. Usually his hair isn't so big, but the general effect is there. I like the overall drawing a lot. Cool design, well proportioned, my only criticism is that his legs might be a bit skewed... and there's not enough detail on his pudao (google for it, don't worry it's just a weapon). Masen has gone through a number of outfit modifications, and this is a new one tonight. He's always had the same clothes, just the patterns on them have changed... a lot. I like this one and all, but then again I liked what he was wearing before too; it's a constant state of flux. So this might just end up being slapped on another non-player character. If that's the case then it hardly seems worth staying up this late for.

And now for something completely different... (shoot, that was a quote in and of itself wasn't it?)

"Does anyone have change for a button?" - Mr. Burns, The Simpsons


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