Thursday, January 27, 2005

Does not require helmet:

The idiot proof machine does not exist.

Spending two hours in a lab trying vainly to get a computer to communicate with a customized lab board with a programmable hardware board is a perfect example of this. All of my work was useless and has to be redone because of a spelling error. I'm writing this entry during some RIDICULOUSLY long compile times, each time I attempt it seeming more futile than the last. I can't tel what's wrong... NOBODY can tell what's wrong, the only thing to do would be to go back and start this whole thing over again. While this is a possibility, and a straightforward one at that, it does seem to me that spending another two hours trying to conform to this machine is not in my best interest.

The reason they say this should have been idiot proof is because the instructions are very concise in what you need to do at each step. They could program the computer itself to program the computer (there are still some moral implications to this, which is I suppose why we're still being asked to do it). But it gives no possibility of comprehension, which would be nice to have in the event that something DOES go wrong.

So in short, I'm the idiot - GAH. Picture coming tonight, I swear it.

"Whenever you think you've created the idiot proof device, nature creates a better idiot." - Proverb, Anonymous


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