Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Drawn Again Elf

Yesterday's picture revamped is much better, I would say. I didn't add a whole lot of detail to Seleine herself, but I cleaned her lines up and added some shading, which works much better with the very heavily shaded tiger in the background. Bast was what I spent most of my time on. I pretty much went over every solid line there was, erasing it and redrawing it as a shaggy fuzz. The shading is more prominent and there are no longer any scribbly half-drawn areas, as before. Check out the difference below. The latter picture was kept at a higher resolution than the former, since it deserves it.

I've also noticed that using html tags to resize images by height="50%" width="50%" does not alter the dimensions of the picture to half its size, but rather alters it to fit to 50% of the TABLE size, which has been set up very nicely. This works out great, since now I can reduce all pictures to fit exactly into the table (unless they're smaller than the table itself, naturally). That was my happy little discovery of the day.

"I'm terribly sorry sir, but we've sent your luggage to St. Louis..."
"Uh-huh, I should send YOU to St. Louis!"
"No, no, Roy, he's not vorth it."
"Sir please Identify your tiger type on this chart."
- Sigfried, Roy and Airline attendant, The Simpsons

Dead Lines

It's been a fast month, I realized earlier today. It mostly doesn't affect me much, the passing of time, unless it so happens that I have a pressing deadline coming up. Dead-line: what a funny word; if we do not meat these dates and these times, is that the line we cross at which point we are determined to be 'dead'? It's very much applicable to the up and coming all-hell-breaks-loose week, or as it is more commonly referred to, midterms. If I am not prepared for these mid term examinations, I will have hit a point where I can say, 'yes, I am dead'. Dead meat, dead in the water, dead as a doornail, D-E-D dead, drop dead (fred?). I actually didn't realize that midterms were the week of the 7th to the 11th, as it seems far too early in the term to be exercising the knowledge we should have gained in our courses.

Alas, though, it is true. I will have 6 grueling tests in 5 torturous days, and starting today I have 8 miserable days in which to begin my studying. Seems like enough, I suppose, except when you consider my track record of not beginning any project or studying before 3 days prior to its due date. Seriously; I am a truly consistent procrastinator. Must... break... habits... or... face... failure.......

Fortunately breaking habits is something I'm also good at, I've just never applied this feature of mine in that department. Hopefully I will kick myself in the ass enough to devote a decent amount of time to each course and not take the next 8 days for granted. I will continue posting, though, I'll just have to cut down on some of my other, more wasteful activities... **cough** World of Warcraft **cough**.

Speaking of the wonderful WoW, that is the topic of today's picture. It's my night-elf hunter character, Seleine and her faithful pet Bast. The names come from mythologies, Roman and Egyptian. I selected Seleine because Selene was for some reason restricted by the WoW naming system, likely due to it being a pre-named character in the game, or something. Selene is the Roman moon goddess, which I thought was appropriate for a 'night'-elf 'hunter'. Bast is a more unusual name, coming from the Egyptian cat goddess, symbolic also of the moon, and more terrestrially women and fertility. I like the names very much and I like the character very much, so I decided to sketch her out; just because. I think I'm going to keep adding to this picture, making it more detailed and less sketchy, but I'm happy with it as it is now for a posting. The lack of detail in character comes from the fact that I had to draw an animal, something I am not used to doing. Humans are what I primarily draw (in case you hadn't noticed), and animals are unfamiliar territory. Bast came out alright, though she seems very flat compared to Seleine since she's drawin with a degree of depth and perspective. The more I type the more I realize I definitely want to go and touch this up. Perhaps tomorrow I'll really give it a good revamp and polishing and use it as the picture. Okay, so without further babbling:

"Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?"
- Robert Blake, 489.Tiger

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Drawing 1/29/05

It's a late post, but since I'm still awake, it's still friday!

The picture is worth the wait, in my opinion. It's the two main female characters from the game, Yuzume (pictured left, smiling) and Paris (pictured right, rolling eyes). The drawing really shows the dynamic between the two, how Yuzume is a sort of vacuous carefree individual, though far from stupid, and Paris is a tough as nails take no crap from no-one tomboy, but unsure. It's not artistically wonderful, there are some issues with Yuzume's face, which seems off for a reason I can't quite put my finger on, but I like the picture a lot as a whole.

Initially it was supposed to be of all three girls, including Lily, the kid (oh my god that sounds like Billy the Kid, I never realized - that certainly wasn't intentional) but Lily really wouldn't serve a purpose in this picture. I'll put one up of her sometime I guess, but not today.

"Ah, you fake just like a woman, yes, you do
You make love just like a woman, yes, you do
Then you ache just like a woman
But you break just like a little girl." - Bob Dylan, Just Like a Woman

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Drawing 1/27/05

So the drawing for the day is Darius, another of the main characters from the game project. The drawing isn't as polished as I sometimes do, but he's filled in and I'm happy with it. I partly blame the scanner, it seems to blur things a bit. Not that it's a really fine pencil drawing or anything, but it looks better on paper. From now on I'm going to be using the resize tags and linking it to the full picture, since it saves room on the page and prevents misaligned tables. Plus that way I don't have to resize it permanently reducing its quality.

That pose probably hurts...

"It's partly an expression of my teenage angst, but mostly it's a moo-cow!" - Chris Griffon, Family Guy

Does not require helmet:

The idiot proof machine does not exist.

Spending two hours in a lab trying vainly to get a computer to communicate with a customized lab board with a programmable hardware board is a perfect example of this. All of my work was useless and has to be redone because of a spelling error. I'm writing this entry during some RIDICULOUSLY long compile times, each time I attempt it seeming more futile than the last. I can't tel what's wrong... NOBODY can tell what's wrong, the only thing to do would be to go back and start this whole thing over again. While this is a possibility, and a straightforward one at that, it does seem to me that spending another two hours trying to conform to this machine is not in my best interest.

The reason they say this should have been idiot proof is because the instructions are very concise in what you need to do at each step. They could program the computer itself to program the computer (there are still some moral implications to this, which is I suppose why we're still being asked to do it). But it gives no possibility of comprehension, which would be nice to have in the event that something DOES go wrong.

So in short, I'm the idiot - GAH. Picture coming tonight, I swear it.

"Whenever you think you've created the idiot proof device, nature creates a better idiot." - Proverb, Anonymous

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Stay Warm

If a blog dies on the internet and nobody is there to notice, does it make a difference? Well to the author it certainly does. This endeavour was going rather strong up until last week when I was suddenly bombarded with RADIOACTIVE GAMMA RAYS... er, I mean school work. I hadn't taken the school term very seriously for the first few weeks, so when I had my first actual taste of lab work it got me motivated enough to start catching up with assignments and reading and being an overall decent student. It also meant I was too motivated to keep up with this, which is such a shame, since I really enjoy it.

Now I know what you're thinking, "but there was the whole weekend! surely there must have been time then!" Ah yes, the weekend, well I was home from the 'Loo for the weekend. Home is where the TV is... Home is where I sleep for 12 hours a night... home is a 2 hour trip (walk to bus, take bus, drive back from bus station) back to the place where no computer works correctly and I am the only cure. It was also a friend's birthday, one which I could not miss, lest there be a herd of ravenous squirrels waiting for me at my doorstop (she is queen of the squirrels, don't think I'm joking here...) The computer at home also happens to be shared access, and It's a delicate process trying to wrestle control of it away from three other people.

THUS: no update. What's worse, I didn't just not have time to blog, I didn't have time to draw either. Part of the problem was that I couldn't get this one image out of my head. It wound up being drawn for today's long coming update, so that's one good thing at least.

Lately things have just been getting colder and colder. I forgot how bitter winter in Waterloo is, since this is only the second one I've spent here. And while it's only about an hour from Toronto the weather change is so dramatic you would swear you were 300 km north. But the weather is not the only thing that's getting colder, it seems that people's attitudes towards everyday life follows some similar system. People become lethargic and depressed more and more each day; it's a tough thing to fight when there's an equally bleak environment surrounding you. I wonder what's really the problem. Is it the lack of greenery? The bone-chilling blizzards? Or am I seeing things that aren't really there. Perhaps this is just the way it is once a school term gets under way. It doesn't seem fair to assume that all students behavie in this manner at all times of the year, I know people who are really enthusiastic about school that get depressed during the winter. It's far more likely that this white frosting that coats our world somehow buries our good intentions and our hopes. Without the untimely event of death there cannot be the magnificent rebirth we all love so much; that kind of puts things in perspective.

So this is the picture. It's scrunched here but don't worry I've linked it to the full sized picture. This is one of thsoe few instances that I'll throw an environment in the mix, and it's probably fairly obvious that throwing was all that was done since the whole of the picture (aside from the person) is a bit half assed. It's not that it didn't turn out well, but if you look closely at the buildings in the backdrop it's obvious that not much time was really spent on them. None-the-less the effect is what I had hoped for, albeit a bit less dramatic. The explosions in the sky should be bigger, but that's a minor issue.

The shading of the night sky was a bit of a ridiculous endeavour, as I did it with a 0.3mm pencil head. I use this size head for drawing since it's a very precise tool, but it sure doesn't lend itself well to covering large areas. I don't recommend trying it unless you like tedious work.

So I hope to get back to the one drawing a day idea I had set out to do; as you might be able to tell, this picture took more than one day's work to finish, so I don't expect to be putting many more like this up. There will be SOMETHING, though. I will try my best to bundle up, bunker down, and find time to draw.

"Winter lies too long in country towns; hangs on until it is stale and shabby, old and sullen" - Willa Sibert Cather, My Antonia

Sunday, January 16, 2005

On Detail, and Drawing 1/16/05

Man, am I ever out of relevant things to blog about. In love with WoW, blah blah blah. School is hard, blah blah blah. State of the world is miserable, blah blah blah. At least there's the drawings.

To account for yesterday's lack of update, I added more detail to the mecha picture from a few days ago. It looks much better with some patterns and details added to it, I would say. The small details is really what gives a picture the finished touch; if you look at the troll or warrior picture versus my other ones, the thing that makes them more impressive is the level of detail. I think the more you have to look at in a drawing the higher quality it is, or seems to be. To see the updated drawing, click here.

With that, the picture today is pretty detailed too. This one's a human mage, the name coming from something I'd written a while ago. My writing attempts are few and far in between, but I like the characters I come up with. I use this one as a character in WoW, though she's not human but a troll. I like the name, though I'm not sure how it would be pronounced by most... I say "Ell-you-min-eye-ah". You may say "Ell-oo-min-eh-ah." Potato potahto... Here she is.

Again I have to say that I love the details I put into it, especially on the skirt. The style of the hair is a bit of a departure from my usual style. Since I was actively trying to make this a more detailed drawing I went ahead and used a strand approach. Normally it's anime style blocky hair, using a very minimalist approach to lines. Part of the reason I drew it differently this time to convey the windswept motion of the drawing, what with everything blustering off to the right. Anime hair just wouldn't do that. But then again anime hair can do anything!

"Let it never be said that your anal retentive attention to detail never yeilded positive results!" - Bartleby and Loki, Dogma

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Drawing 1/14/05

It's a friday and all critical thinking has been put on hold until tomorrow afternoon... when I will be waking up. Aside from my lethargiac itenerary, there's also not much for me to blog about today. It was rather uneventful, to say the least. 4 hours of lectures, then home... spent most of my time in Azeroth, surprise surprise, and now a drawing.

I did manage the drawing though, so it's not a complete loss. This is another game character, who goes by the name of Uncle Stevie. Stephen Marvels, aka Alexander Nicoli Prosperov, aka Argus. He's the guardian of the previous game character you saw (Masen), though not the ideal role model, as he's quite the aficionado with guns, smokes heavily, and has a rather sarcastic, cruel sense of humour. He's basically just a rough around the edges character altogether. Hopefully, though, this drawing isn't as rough around the edges though.

My apologies for the grainy outcome. This is the problem with sticking to a fixed width web page format: I do not draw in a fixed width. And I give apologies for the fact that the hair is, once again, enormous. This is the, uh, 1970's series... yeah... I swear I don't do this all the time. The big hair throws off the rest of the drawing, making him look disproportionately young. Nevertheless, it's just a little something to tide you rabid fans over. I swear, next time I'm going to have to bring my stick to beat you people off of me on the street... heh, of course then I'll wake up and realize that this is still nothing more an obscure little page of nonsense occupying about 1/100,000,000,000 of the interest on the net. Meh, thus is the nature of blogs; they're a dime a dozen these days. But who cares enough about their readers to create a picture daily? Hmm?

"And try and count up all the ways that you could waste away." - Matthew Good, Bright End of Nowhere

Thursday, January 13, 2005

World of Withdrawl

I don't know whether it's the amazing scenery, the vast world, the endless questing, the player community or just the desire to improve my character, but something in World of Warcraft has me hooked. It's such a fantasticly put together game and I can't seem to get enough of it. I frequently lose sleep to play it, I spend hours upon hours in it at a time. I was kind of realizing this before, but it really hit home for me today when Blizzard decided they were going to bring the server I play on down for a 16 hour maintenance period and I felt a chill. I was completely shocked, and I began to feel withdrawl symptoms as the day went on; first it was fatigue, I had nothing to focus on so I got very sleepy. To try and cure that I started studying to pass the time, at least putting myself to a productive task. Then I decided I'd write up the blog extra early, get it out of the way. I put together a drawing I wanted to post. But I couldn't focus... I just kept waiting and checking the World of Warcraft server status page. Now I had no concentration. Suddenly the room got very hot, and I felt bugsd crawlin all over my skin. I decided to shower, which took my mind off of the matter somewhat, but I couldn't stay in there forever. I got out and the server was still down. The room began to get dark, and I felt like I was a hundred miles under the surface, the pressure was intense. I curled myself up into a ball and huddled in a corner, rocking myself back and forth, back and forth... gnawing at my fingernails I started muttering orc greetings... Da'boo, Zug Tug, Glop'tar... I had to find my way back into the world. When I could barely understand what I was looking at on the server status screen anymore suddenly something changed. The little light beside 'Lightbringer' changed. Red became green, which in a primitive sense means go. I didn't understand what this meant but I knew I had to 'go'. Go where? Where else, to Azeroth. Back into the World of Warcraft. It worked!!! Suddenly the light came back, my eyes came into focus and I woke up. Logging in I felt instantly better; the sudden high that comes with seeing the almost painted beauty of the world in front of me rushed over me and I shed a brief but genuine tear. It must never leave me again...

Okay so I really only complained a little about the server downtime, I did not experience any actual feelings of withdrawl. No need to panic, I haven't lost touch with the real world entirely =P. To be honest though, WoW is a truly fantastic game. That reaction to server downtime above may have been, but my description the game in the little preamble above is no exaggeration. The world is rich with colourful characters and unique locations. The world is vast and thrilling and dangerous, it welcomes you in with a sense of purpose. I have never been let down by a Blizzard game in the past, why should I be this time?

The downtime did let me put a decent amount of work into the drawing today. I was really nitpicky about teh geometry of it, so there isn't as much detail as usual. But sometimes simplicity speaks volumes too. I'm happy with how it came out, usually my mecha drawings don't hold up to my expectations, but this one did. Am happy

"It was like Heroin. Not that I know what it's like, it's what I understand it's like on 20/20." - Linda Richman (Mike Myers), Coffee Talk (SNL)

Drawing 1/12/05

Technically this is being posted on the 13th, but the drawing was done on the 12th. I was having a few problems with internet connection, so uploading was a bit of a problem until now. You already got my blog for the day, and since there's two pictures I'd say thare should be no cause for complaint over that.

Here it is:

This is the main character from the game project. Usually his hair isn't so big, but the general effect is there. I like the overall drawing a lot. Cool design, well proportioned, my only criticism is that his legs might be a bit skewed... and there's not enough detail on his pudao (google for it, don't worry it's just a weapon). Masen has gone through a number of outfit modifications, and this is a new one tonight. He's always had the same clothes, just the patterns on them have changed... a lot. I like this one and all, but then again I liked what he was wearing before too; it's a constant state of flux. So this might just end up being slapped on another non-player character. If that's the case then it hardly seems worth staying up this late for.

And now for something completely different... (shoot, that was a quote in and of itself wasn't it?)

"Does anyone have change for a button?" - Mr. Burns, The Simpsons

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Well, not quite. While it is true that my work report has gone the way of the dinosaur (at least until I get it back with a big crimson "resubmit" stamp on the front), I now have the task of actually getting down to actual school work. Assignments and lab reports and projects and job hunting. Yippee! Man I've been in school a long time. 17 years spent in school... That's 81% of my life I've been a student, and the other 19% I can't even remember. I'm getting a little sick of it now. Of course when this 5 year undergraduate program is over I'll probably go and get some more education because, frankly, I don't have any idea what to do otherwise. "Hook 'em while they're young." Maybe they should try introducting us to that foreign concept known as "the real world" when we're young instead. Make it so that the cynicism doesn't hit all at once.


As you should be aware, I am an avid fan of Matthew Good, for both his amazing music and his dangerously blunt political motives. For those of you who can stomach it, I recommend this blog entry for some interesting reading. I know that I hate to hear it, but it's just so satisfying to say "I told you so," or "I was right." More like "we told you so," if I may speak on behalf of just about everybody I know. Oh the lies that were told... well just take a look at the site and you'll see what I mean. How very Orwellian: step 1: Lie, step 2: tell people you didn't lie (i.e. repeat step 1); it's really amazing how well it seems to work.

I won't go into a further rant about it because speaking completely from passion is irrational, unproductive and generally quite controversial. I only want to raise awareness of the subject this time, for the few of you I might convince to read MBlog. Plus I could type all day, and I have other things to do; specifically, as I mentioned, job hunting. Oh yes, it is time once again to shine your shoes, put on your best smile and start spooning the bullshit. The first job posting session for co-op placements begins today, and, surprise surprise, I haven't updated my resume! Time to describe in 3 bullet points the important things I did at my last job. Things that will make employers look at it and go "oh my god... hire this man immediately, we can't let his genius go unsquandered." Where do I begin? No, really where do I begin? I can't think of anything! "Accomplishments: Permanently scarred left arm operating Thermotron unit." That's impressive...

Well anyway, back to the bright side of things, I did a drawing *pats self on back*. Of course I've missed more of these personal goals than I've made this year *kicks self in ass*, so I'm still not that pleased. This one is for yesterday, when I would have posted had my scanner not been comatose. Turns out it wasn't the scanner (phew) but the crappy usb pci card it was plugged into. There goes 8 bucks. So since this is making up for yesterday when the drawing was done and I had the TIME to update, I'll do another drawing later tonight too.

Another idea for non-player characters in the game project. It does have a significance, but it's of no real consiquence to the blog. Besides I have to pass it by the group first. I think it's pretty cool regardless of what it's for though.

Read Mblog.

"War is Peace, Slavery is Fredom, Attack is Defense." - George Orwell, 1984

Monday, January 10, 2005

The Neverending Story: Part HUH?!?!

Oh, how she suffers for me... she waits and waits and waits for me to fulfil her needs but I cannot. She yearns to hear words, words from my mouth, but I am unable to provide her with them. Her pages are left unfilled, days go by with no contact, and I let her down some more. She is broken at her core, but stays by my side, awaiting the days when I can give her more. I will make it up to her. She will have so very many posts after this tuesday; this I promise.

*Ahem* back to reality, just me trying to say I'm still grinding away at the accursed work report, so I have no news or means of creative thought left for this blog. Blog=she in case you were lost back there. Ships are "she", cars are "she", why not blogs? It works just the same: "she's had no updates in the last few days". See?

Anyways I did manage a drawing today so I'll post it. It's a quick sketch, took about 20 minutes, which was longer than I wanted it to take.

It aint bad, an enraged superhero flying into battle. I realized after scanning it that if he's flying, the (steam?) coming from his eyes should be flowing backwards not up... hey, for 20 minutes at it I think it's fine.

By the way, does anybody else pronounce it "en-rage-ed" or am I the only one? It's along the lines of "be-love-ed" and "ac-curse-ed"... it's not "ac-cursd", is it? Oh man how can you tell it's time for sleep?

"I'll sleep when I'm dead" - J. Bon Jovi, Keep the Faith

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Just a drawing tonight, since I don't feel much like writing.

He's a military general, for the game project (there are going to be a lot of these entries, bear with me people). I like the one sided shoulerpad and his coat and shirt, but i think the pants might be a bit too stylish for such a serious character.

"So put on British steel, curse today and how you're feeling." Middle Class Gangsters - Matthew Good Band

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Back in the 'Loo

Affectionately, though with little affection, the 'Loo is a term in reference to Waterloo. While it may have two excellent universities, have a wonderfully clean environment, and be a relatively cheap place to live, Waterloo is still a hole. A hole where I live, trying tirelessly to finish my post-secondary education. I refer to it as the 'Loo because it smells like manure for the good part of spring and summer, and is a crappy city. I love the university, don't get me wrong, but I will not be sticking around after it's all over with, trust me on that.

Having just moved in a couple of days ago, and trying to get to bed earlier in these last few days left me with little time to update the blog. Little meaning 'no'. It seems I'm 2 for 5 in my new year's resolution to draw something new every day. When it comes down to it, I'm a perfectionist at heart, and I really, really, don't want to post just any old crappy sketch, I want to do it right. However the hour or so simply isn't available whenever I need it to be. Curse you time, why must I obey you, and not the other way around?

Oh well, bitch, bitch, and bitch some more. I'll probably have more time after next tuesday, when my engineering work report is due. I have to take an objective standpoint and evaluate something I did at my work and turn it into 10 or so pages of bullshit on how I managed to overcome challenges to reach a goal. While I did enjoy my job and I found it to be stressful at times, I wouldn't call any of the goals I was given challenging. I worked on numerous interesting projects involving technical work, but thinking back on it, it just seems that nobody gave me anything that was remotely difficult to do. "Nick, I want you to test this, here are the instructions..." I heard that (or with some simple variations) more times than I care to count. Sure, I was doing actual work, but what can I write about? I didn't design any of the tests, I didn't have to solve major problems, and I certainly didnt' go above and beyond the scopes of tests I was doing. Must think ahead about the work report for my next job term. Le sigh.

I did manage to draw today. Hooray! I like this one quite a bit.

Sticking with the World of Warcraft theme (Human Warrior, Undead Rogue) this one is a Troll Hunter. I tried to add a lot of detail to him, to match with the first picture I posted. So I think this one picture makes up for a couple of days of no pictures at all, since it's of higher quality. Here's a link to the full sized picture. This was scaled way down to let it fit in the column, but it's worth showing in full, I think.

"Waterloo, couldn't escape if I wanted to." - My Waterloo, ABBA

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year!

Apologies for the missed posts over the last few days. New Years Eve was obviously not going to get an update, yesterday I was busy with thinking about my move back to school. Today is less hectic, so I'll squeeze one in.

It's a strange tradition, this new years, when people all over the world go out and celebrate in excess the change between two rather arbitrarily chosen dates. Any visible or tangible difference between December 31st and January 1st is entirely negligible. Why we go out of our way to rejoice the survival of another year I'll never know, so I'll just keep playing along, I suppose. It is enjoyable to spend time with friends getting a bit wasted, but do we need a special day for this?

So I spent my time at Nathan Phillips Square in the good ol' T-dot. We got there at around 10:30, so naturally there were no places to stand anywhere remotely close to the stage, which didn't end up making a hell of a difference, the guests were disappointing anyways.

First up: Not By Choice. Predictable but decent performance, not more or less than I'd expect from your typical cookie cutter teen angst band. Doesn't this ever get old?
Second: Keisha Chante. She was probably the best of the performers. No complaints about her actually.
Third: Glass Tiger. Okay, so a band who hasn't released a song in, what, 20 years? And what was worse was that they weren't even at our location. The stage on the screen looked the same, and the hosts hyped up the performance like they were going to be there, but when the music started and the crowd started cheering, nobody came out. I think it turned out they were actually performing in Edmonton. What a rip-off... of course I paid nothing for being there, but it still bothered me.
Fourth and Closing: I don't now. Apparently some male singer I've never heard of gets final billing leading up to the countdown. I guess Keisha had to make it to her after party in time for the stroke of midnight, so they got some loser to fill the last spot.

All in all it was fun. Hard not to have fun on New Years Eve.

So here's a quick little drawing for some non-player characters in my game project. The difficult part of all of this is not drawing the 8 or 9 main characters in the game, it's trying to think of how to dress the other thousands of non-players that will be seen. We're creating a world here, they need fashion and style, and costume design is not what I'm trained in. So just some ideas thrown onto paper for them. Not terribly original, but it's a kind of funky futuristic style nonetheless. It's all just ideas at this point.

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days of auld lang syne?"