Friday, December 24, 2004

The true spirit of the season

It always irritates me that no matter what I spend on a gift, that amount manages to really bother some person or another. I can't spend too little, because then I'm ungrateful and thoughtless, but I can't spend too much, because then I'm being wasteful and materialistic. I don't spend more money than I want to, or that I can, and it really makes me angry that with all the money I make working at my co-op jobs, I can't splurge a little.

Case in point: this year I tried thinking of things everybody would really really like, that maybe they might not have thought to ask for. One thing that I know my mum would really like is a new camera flash, to replace the ghetto-assed busted up antique she now has. It might be nice to have one that works more than 10% of the time, doesn't weight 50 lbs, and isn't clinging to the connectors with it's last ounce of strenght, precariously balanced by two dirty rubber bands from off of old produce. Of course a flash is expensive, but why is it that the first thing out of people's mouths is "do you know how expensive that is?" and not "Oh that would be a great gift, she'd love it"? This kind of attitude really bugs me because of how much we find fault rather than appreciate. Christmas season or not, it seems that the good spirit is gone, replaced by cynical criticism and hopeless negativity.

I like to think I avoid having this kind of attitude most of the time, although I do sometimes succumb to the nonstop hate-fest that is reality television. Today I finished my co-op job, we were blessed with at least a foot of snow, and my granny made the long 5 hour trek to spend Christmas with the family, despite her threats not to. I could focus on the fact that my job was a bit of a joke, I have a work report to write for it in 2 weeks which I am simply clueless about, that the snow today caused me to spend at least 3 hours waiting in traffic to get anywhere I needed to go, and that granny's arrival meant I had to have a present for her ready for Christmas morning, but I'd rather put the positive spin on it all and just let the good of the season sink in.

Christmas trees... strings of lights... fresh fallen snow... loved ones... rest and relaxation... holiday baking =P. Just some thoughts to boost bright spirits!

And with that, it is my pleasure to post a violent crude sketch for the day. I really just wanted to do something with an element of action to it, so forgive its inappropriateness.

It's an alright drawing. The perspective on the guy flying away isn't what I'd hoped it would be, and the speed lines are a mistake. But hey, it's something; better to have drawn and sucked than never to have drawn at all... or something to that effect.

"So hang a shining star upon the highest bough//And have yourself a merry little Christmas now"


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