Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Sleep habits

It's not that I really want to get fewer than 6 hours of sleep on a regular basis - truth be told I love sleep, I am sleeping with sleep on a nightly basis - but I am forever staying up to all hours playing some mindless video game, watching the idiot-box, perusing inane websites, or a sick combination of al three. It's scary that I trade something that is so enjoyable, healthy, and sensible, for habits that I can only describe as obsessive, unhealthy, and wasteful.

The media overload in this day and age is killing my sensibility. It seems to me that this must affect more than just a few of us nocturnal subterrainean technophiles... when is too much screen-time actually too much?

I can only derive from my ludicrous actions that I have some form of a media addiction. It is preventing me from waking up to my alarm clock, forcing me to skip breakfast, arrive late for work, and just feel crappy all day. I then oversleep on weekends in an attempt to 'make it up', impossible as that may be, and I lose half of a perfectly good day.

What's worse is that the rest of my day is filled with enough of this crap... sleep ought to be a delighful break, not something I avoid. With that, I think I'll stop writig this blog at 1:30 in the morning and heed my own bitching... 6 hours until the next alarm. Ugh only 2 more to go until the end of work... but that's another blog.

"In my opinion, television validates existence" - Calvin, Calvin&Hobbes


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