Tuesday, December 21, 2004

On your mark...

First post! Onward and upward!

A rant, a story, an amusing anecdote... what is blogging for if not to vent feelings and thoughts? That's what this will mainly be for; a simple bit of drivel from my deep muddled psyche. It was going to be in a full fledged website, but I hardly have any patience left for that these days. I hardly have patience PERIOD these days... but that's a topic for a seperate blog. This is an introduction.

So we'll see how this thing evolves. Most blogs have some focus, be it political outrage, random comical entries, or relief of personal grief... I think this one will settle somewhere in between. I am going to try and supply each entry with a relevent quotation from... somewhere... The Sky's the limit. Hurray for another pointless weblog! Let the excruciating minutia of people's lives be immortalized on the internet forever!

"I can't come over here every day and pore over the excruciating minutia of every single daily event!" - Elaine, Seinfeld


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