Saturday, December 25, 2004

Food, glorious food

Holiday goodies... the cookies, the candies, the enormous feasts, it's a revolting, gluttonous tradition I cannot believe I partake in after all of these years. I dread it going in, I regret it coming out, and the whole rest of the duration I'm just feeling bloated and ill. It struck me this thanksgiving when a good friend pointed out how this is essentially a largely eastern tradition. He said something along the lines of "Only in North America do we just eat and eat and eat until we're sickly full with food. It's like a contest" and it struck so true with me. We vainly celebrate this over-eating fad, and seem to ignore the fact that those are both two deadly sins. I'm not going to state that naybody who celebrates with a feast a Christmas time is going to hell, but I think we overdo it more than a little.

So those are some little thoughts on Christmas. Don't mean to be down, I had an amazing Christmas, just wanted to rant a bit bout how very much I ate. Ugh, resolution: exercise (like every other year, yeah right).

Here's the picture for today:

This is Paris from a game project I'm working on. I'll have that website up some day and publish all of this work (well, selected pictures, it's too large a body of work to publish it all for $0.00 a month).

Best wishes for the holidays!

"Oh Lisa, that's a load of rich creamery butter." - Homer Simpson, The Simpsons


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