Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Boxing day classics

An annual tradition for me in the last few years is to go on an all day boxing day shopping spree. It's madness; I can barely haul my sorry ass out of bed for school or work, but for the potential for 50% off all merchandise will have me up and at 'em in a heartbeat.

7:20 - wake up
7:50 - out the door
8:15 - pick up friends
9:00 - get off the subway at Queen street
11:00 - first purchase: joggers @ lululemon
11:30 - grab streetcar to head to distillery district
12:30 - second purchase: nike fleece hoddie @ distillery (forget store)
1:00 - grab streetcar back to Eaton's Centre
1:30 - eat at Mr. GreenJeans
5:00 - hit Bloor street/Yorkville
5:50 - third purchase: jeans @ over the rainbow
6:15 - back at Yorkdale
6:45 - last purchase: shoes @ west49
7:30 - drop friends off
8:00 - home

So that's it, ten and a half hours of shopping insanity! On my feet for that whole time, I covered a good chunk of Toronto. I was so ridiculously exhausted afterwards I couldn't even type up a blog entry, let alone draw a picture. After this holiday week with so many other things to do, I'll be more regular with the updates.

The overly critical part of myself feels guilty when I spend this much. It gives me a little pang of conscious to know I've gone out of my way to spend money, when I didn't really need anything. On the other hand, I did recieve all of that money (and certificates) as gifts, in place of other items, so it's not as bad as I make it seem. Christmas as a whole is much too commercialized, but that's a bigger issue, and it's late. I might give it some thought for tomorrow's blog... probably not, but there's a chance.

So, though it may be late, here is a little something.

So 10 1/2 hours and about $300 later, I'm done buying anything for a good long while. For as much as I say how things like overeating and oversleeping and overspending are just terrible, I sure don't seem to heed my own advice ;). But hey, it's only once a year that I do this, so I think it's okay.

"I am a consumer whore!" "And how" - Various stick characters, Don Hertzfeld's Rejected


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