Thursday, December 30, 2004

All hopes to those in recovery

It is hard to fathom the immense number of individuals whose lives have been crippled by the recent natural disasters. An anticipated 100,000 people are said to be dead after a massive 8.9 earthquake shook the face of the earth and sent tsunamis hurtling in every direction. One hundred thousand... I can't imagine that many people, period, let alone imagining them dead. It is a tragedy of untold proportions, one which I am thrilled to see the world pitching in with to aid. My heart goes out to all people affected in these last few days.

The scariest aspect brought forth from this unvelievable catastrophe is the revelation that regardless of who you are and where you live, you are not safe from the ravages of this planet. At any moment a freak ice storm could sweep in over our fair country and leave us begging for mercy in the dark and cold. Without warning, the top of Mount St. Helens could erupt once again, spewing ash and magma in an unstoppable explosion. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, heat waves; we don't prepare well enough for these, even though they seem to be happening in record numbers lately. Instead we freak out over potential terrorist strikes and security threats, when in all honesty, how often do these happen? How many lives have been lost to the wrath of terrorism, versus the wrath of Mother Nature? We're pissing off the really powerful enemy, and we don't even care!

All this so we can drive bigger SUVs, use more electricity, and fill more landfills. We're so f***ed it's not even funny. We're selfish, stubborn, idiotic, and ignorant peasants hurtling through space on a rapidly dying rock we have no way off. We don't seem to be trying to survive at all.

So i'm sure that's enough negative thoughts on the matter. I still want to re-iterate how important it is to support revitalization efforts in the far East. That is a fate I would wish on a very select few.

I haven't been able to delve as deeply into these issues as I'd like to, I'm not that skilled at blogging. But I emplore you read Matthew Good's MBlog for views that largely resemble mine. He's extremely devoted and intelligent, and I often turn to his blog first for current news. Please check it out, even if you don't appreciate his music (which is hard to imagine).

I sincerely hope that the quote below is what we come to realize as a global community in the near future.

"It's times like these we learn to love again..." - Foo Fighters


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